Google Stadia will come to iOS with web application


Google announced iOS support for its cloud-based game service Stadia. By following Microsoft, the company will overcome the restrictions Apple put on cloud-based gaming services on the App Store via the mobile web.

Google says Stadia is developing its progressive version of the web application. This application will run on the mobile version of Apple’s Safari web browser. Similarly, Microsoft aims to bring its xCloud service to iOS next year.

However, Google aims to start public testing of Stadia’s web application in the coming weeks and get ahead of Microsoft. Meanwhile, Nvidia announced the beta version of its cloud-based gaming service GeForce Now’s web application.

Apple clarified its rules regarding cloud-based gaming services late last August. He told providers such as Google and Microsoft that their apps are not allowed in the App Store due to Apple’s restrictions on software that stream games to iPhone and iPad. Eventually, Apple relaxed its restrictions after public criticism from Microsoft and others, yet it requires companies to submit each game for review on the App Store for distribution. Microsoft has decided that it will instead develop the web app version of xCloud for iOS. Now, Google does the same.

The iOS test announcement coincides with the first anniversary of Stadia’s public launch last autumn. Google also announced today that the basic version of Bungie’s Destiny 2 game will no longer require a $ 10 monthly Stadia Pro subscription and can now be played by anyone with a Google account that signs up for Stadia. In addition, it announced the first list of games that will come to Stadia and will be free to play. State Share, a publisher-friendly Stadia feature that allows players to share their scores in a game with viewers or followers on social media, will be available next January with the Hitman 3 version of IO Interactive.

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Google also used the first anniversary as an opportunity to announce the new Stadia statistics. The company has yet to reveal how many people have signed up for Stadia or subscribed to the Pro service. However, he says it has delivered more than 80 games to the platform in the last 12 months and plans to support more than 135 games by the end of the year. It has also added more than 100 new features to the platform in the past 12 months, including family sharing, which was first introduced earlier this month.

This library also includes more than 65 Stadia Pro games that have been offered for free since the service’s launch, and there are more than 30 active games available as of this month. (Some games are added to Stadia Pro for a limited time before they are removed, similar to limited game giveaways offered as part of Sony’s PlayStation Plus and Microsoft’s Xbox Live Gold subscriptions.)

Also, Google is doing an excellent promotional effort to celebrate the upcoming launch of CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077. Pre-ordering the game before December 10 or purchasing the release before December 17 will give customers a Stadia Premiere Edition package that includes the Stadia controller and a Chromecast Ultra that will allow the Stadia to be broadcast to a TV. The promotion continues abroad only until stocks run out, and Google does not say how many units of product it will distribute. Therefore, for those considering Stadia to play Cyberpunk 2077, this opportunity seems ideal.


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