Google Stadia will be available for iOS in the coming weeks


Bypassing the strict policies of the App Store, Google announced on Thursday (19) that iOS users will finally be able to access the Stadia cloud gaming platform in the near future. In a statement, Web Giant announced that Stadia will start a public testing phase on iOS “in a few weeks”.

According to the 9TO5Google website, the company has not yet set an exact release date on the availability of Stadia on iOS devices. The company limited itself to informing that it is the “first phase of our progressive web application for iOS”.

The idea is to take advantage of this testing phase to evaluate performance and even include some additional resources based on user feedback, which will end up being a useful experience for all subscribers to the platform.

How Stadia will work on iOS

This version of Google Stadia for iOS will not actually be an “application” in the traditional sense, but a PWA (Progressive Web Application in Portuguese) that is a hybrid application between web and mobile. You access the site via your smartphone and receive a notice to add it to your application homepage.

Not coincidentally, Google’s announcement coincides with the beta launch of Nvidia’s game streaming, called GeForce Now, for use on iOS exclusively through Apple’s Safari browser.

This means that Stadia will work in exactly the same way, although iOS 14 already allows users to change their default browser on the mobile operating system. PWA will initially arrive without any resources during the testing phase, which will be incorporated gradually.

Google has made no reference as to which regions will receive access to Stadia PWA for iOS. There is also no forecast on the launch of Google Stadia in Brazil. When the service was launched, exactly one year ago, in the United States, plans were mentioned in relation to Brazil, but nothing concrete.

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