Google solution for sleep tracking apps


Although smart watches are the first to come to mind when it comes to sleep tracking, sleep tracking applications are also being developed for smartphones.

However, smartphones, which lack the advantages of smart watches and information gathering, fall short in this sense. Google, on the other hand, is trying to change this situation with the new API it has published for its developers.

Google developed new API for sleep tracking applications

This new tool, offered to developers by Google, will enable sleep tracking without the need for smartwatch sensors.

Because smartwatches are worn on your wrist, they use data such as heart rate and heart rate for sleep tracking. These data can also be accessed synchronously with the health applications on the smart phone. Likewise, smart wristbands enable you to access sleep data in a healthier way.

Google, on the other hand, has taken action for app developers for sleep tracking apps that consume less battery and work more accurately. It is stated that applications that will be developed based on this API will generate a regular sleep confidence report every 10 minutes.

After detecting that the user has awakened, a comprehensive sleep monitoring report will appear. Based on the Sleep As Android application developed by Google, the API comes up with sonar, a sleep tracking system based on sound.

This application, which works without having to take your smartphone with you, seems to open up new possibilities for application developers.

Do you think, thanks to this new API, can Android smartphones offer healthy results such as sleep tracking with a smart watch? We are waiting your comments.


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