Google Shopping: See 3 Tips for Finding Deals on the Internet


Google Shopping: While the seriousness of covid-19 still imposes restrictions on the full resumption of activities, the task of shopping and seeking better prices and promotions remains restricted to the internet. But that does not mean that, via Google Shopping, this activity is no longer fun or extremely effective.

Adapted to the new reality, the tool allows you to search for products and services, compare prices in different types of stores, search for promotions, discover available items, find similar products and even keep an eye on the shelves for when that desired product arrives at the store.

1. How to find the best price?

In a world of internet deals, it’s hard to know if some deals are really good. Google Shopping has a kind of price “thermometer” indicating whether the value presented is above, below or in accordance with what is practiced by nearby stores, both physical and virtual.

To compare prices, go to the Google Shopping tab, select the item you are looking for and enter the products page, where all the prices and information about the item are available.

2. How to compare options on Google Shopping?

On the same page where you search for the best prices, there is also the possibility to check the freight charged by the different listed stores. With this, it is also possible to check if the option to withdraw the product directly from the physical store is available.

3. How to receive alerts when the product is cheaper?

This is one of the advantages of shopping online: if you can’t find what you’re looking for, or you think the price is too high, you can create an alert. Unlike in-person shopping, you can turn on price tracking in Google Shopping to receive drop-price warnings for your desired product.

Remember, you must be signed in to your Google account for notifications to arrive in your email (or in the search app).


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