Google Shopping Design Refreshed: Here’s a New Look


Google Shopping, one of the most popular services of the Internet giant Google, has gained a brand new look. In addition to design changes, the service also offers new features such as price tracking, which will give users a much better shopping experience.

The redesigned Google Shopping is now available to desktop and mobile devices in the United States. The popular service of the Internet giant now allows users to instantly track the price of a product.

Google Shopping will notify you by sending a notification to your phone if there is a discount on the price of a product you are tracking. The company also says that information will be provided by email soon.

Google states that products on e-commerce platforms can be purchased directly through Google Shopping. For example, you liked a product that was sold on Amazon on the shopping page and you want to buy it. You will not need to enter the website for this.

What’s more, the products you buy through Google Shopping will be under the guarantee of Google. Google’s shopping-oriented features are not limited to these. Because Google Lens will help you find the clothes you like now.

For example, if you like a coat while surfing on social media and wondering how the coat stands on other people, you can take a screenshot and use Google Lens. The same goes for a sweater you see in the store. It is not yet clear when the new Google Shopping service will be used in our country.

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