Google sets up security team for third party apps


Google is creating a new Android security team to eliminate vulnerabilities and bugs in third-party apps in the Google Play Store. Among the applications targeted by the team, there will be applications related to coronavirus first.

Google wants to fix issues with Play Store security team

Google announced on Wednesday that it was looking for a security engineering manager to take part in security assessments against third-party Android apps. It was also stated in the advertisement that the person in the position would be in close contact with the developers of the affected applications to fix the gaps. Thus, the company wanted to resolve this extremely sensitive issue.

Google Play Store güvenlik ekibi

According to Sebastian Porst, Google Software Engineering Department Manager, among the applications that the new team will focus on will be those that first appeared in the coronavirus outbreak.

The new team will carry out transactions with the Google Play Security Award Program (GPSRP) developed by independent security researchers. With the program in question, Google takes the error messages listed in the Play Store on their agenda and reports them to application developers. However, the program also has a negative side. Because the program is coded in such a way that it only takes applications with 100 million users into account.

With the security team to be established, it is expected that many problems that may occur with passwords and credit cards will be prevented.

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