Google Sets Date To Open Its 1st Physical Store Away From Headquarters


Google’s first physical store will open its doors next Thursday (17), in New York, in the United States. The venture, which has generated numerous rumors over the past few years, will be a space where customers can experience “Made by Google” products and services.

Located in the Chelsea neighborhood, the first physical Google Store outside the company’s headquarters will sell mobile phones from the Pixel series to smart devices from the Nest line, passing through Fitbit gadgets and Pixelbook models, among many other products. The establishment will also act as a pickup point for online purchases.

According to the Mountain View company, Google Store Chelsea will have several experts available to consumers. They will help visitors get to know the devices for sale locally and test them out, showing how some of the key services in the company’s portfolio work.

Those who go there will also be able to solve problems related to the brand’s products, such as the Pixel screen replacement, and solve errors related to installations, for example. The store should also hold several workshops throughout the year, open to the public.

Health care

As the service at Google’s physical store in New York starting in the midst of the new coronavirus pandemic, care will be taken to ensure the safety of visitors. One of the measures is to limit the number of people in the place.

To prevent the spread of covid-19, the use of masks, hand hygiene and social distance within the establishment will also be mandatory. Cleaning the environment several times during the day is another measure announced.

The Google Store Chelsea is located below one of the company’s offices in the city, in an area where many of its local employees reside. According to the search giant, the store is a “natural extension” of its long-standing commitment to New York.


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