Google search will get a new design in the coming days


Google posted on its blog this Friday (22) details of its new design, promised as a major visual overhaul of the mobile search experience, which will be launched in the next few days. The experience is defined by designer Aileen Cheng as “a breath of fresh air”.

Cheng says that the change can even be considered “a step backwards” to promote a visual simplification that allows people to “find what they are looking for more quickly and easily”.

For this, the new design will have a larger text, with more bold to facilitate searches, and the massive presence of Google sources in the results. These will take up more space in the width of the screen, thanks to the reduction of side shadows. The search engine will also “purposefully” use more colors to highlight important information in the text.

The comparison between the two designs, the current and the new, shows that it places more information at the top of the page and presents a cleaner look, which makes the search results easier to analyze. There is also more information on the same screen, avoiding scrolling too often.


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