Google Says It Is A ‘Good Idea’ to Dispose of Car Battery


Google has been criticized for making results in the search engine for users who searched about throwing car batteries into the ocean saying this was the right move. After criticism that such searches would mislead people, Google removed the relevant result from the search page.

Nowadays, the only source of all kinds of news and information is Google. No matter how absurd the question to be asked is, it is possible to find an answer to everything on Google, and at the point we came to, Google was able to create a source image that always provides ‘correct information’ on this subject.

However, a development has shown that this is not really true and that we should not believe the first answers Google puts before us without doing a good research and finding our own reliable sources.

‘Throwing car batteries into the ocean is the right move’:

What happened is actually a bit funny. In the past years, with a trend that has emerged especially in the USA, users have started to make various shares that it is a legal and correct act to throw car batteries into the ocean. Of course, after a while, ‘serious questions’ started to be asked about this rumor, which is obvious from every aspect to be a kind of ‘wave subject’. In fact, in Quora, an answer to a question on this topic contained the information that it is extremely correct and even beneficial for life in the ocean.

The point where things started to get tragic was that Google put this wonderful answer in the first place as the recommended result against people who searched for ‘throwing a car battery in the ocean’. Of course, this may not mean anything to individuals who know that such an answer will have no realities. However, the main point here is that Google provides such misleading answers to its users as accurate information on the gold platter.


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