Google runs on smartphone with 6.67 “and 120 Hz display


With the launch of the new Pixel 4a, rumors are now starting to move towards the next devices that Google plans to present to the world in the coming months, and it looks like we will have news not only about the Pixel 5, but also a planned model for 2021.

Until now, the Pixel line has always been a bit shy in relation to its screen size. Even the largest models in the family, such as the Pixel 3 XL and 4 XL did not exceed 6.3 inches, and that could change next year.

According to information revealed by Ross Young of DSCC, Google would be in negotiations with screen makers BOE and Samsung Displays to supply 6.67-inch panels. There is no information about the technology of the screens, but it is very likely that the bet is on the OLED panel.

It is almost certain to discard the Pixel 5 because, as the leaks themselves already point out, the smartphone will offer a 5.78-inch screen. In addition, it is practically taken for granted that Google should not launch an XL version of the Pixel 5, with that, the big bet remains for the year 2021.

Young also states that the smartphone will offer support for 5G connectivity and a 120 Hz screen, something that could indicate Google’s return to the high-performance market with the use of the Snapdragon 875 for next year. But we cannot rule out the use of intermediate chipset, as will be done with Pixel 5 this year, but offering better specifications.

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New details regarding the Pixel 5 line and the successor, likely Pixel 6, which will only debut in 2021, should emerge in the coming months.


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