Google reveals the amount of data collected


After surrendering to Apple’s privacy rules, Google updated the main applications for the iOS 14 operating system. Now it is possible to identify the huge amount of data that YouTube and Gmail collect from iPhone users.

In all apps, the company indicates that the data collected is used for various purposes. So, she cites as an example: third-party advertising, analysis, product customization, application functioning and “other purposes”.

Interestingly, YouTube and Gmail use different data for advertising purposes. Thus, Google’s video platform collects much more information than the email service.

For example, YouTube collects personal information (name and email) and browsing history and search in browsers. In the meantime, Gmail is limited to only obtaining data about the user’s location and identification.

According to the company, the information is used to sell more targeted ads on its platforms. Although it does not share data with third parties, it is used to target audience categories to advertisers.