Google Reveals Series Of Improvements In Workspace Apps


Google announced on Tuesday (18), a series of updates for Workspace applications. With the news, users who use Google Docs, Spreadsheets and Presentations will be able, according to the company, to stay more connected and focused on work or studies, even at a distance from colleagues.


Google currently allows a user to mention someone else in documents, spreadsheets or presentations. The novelty now is that when looking for someone’s “@”, a smart card should show the person’s location, job title and other contact information.

In addition, smart cards will also be introduced to Google Docs. With it, it will be possible to link people and documents to the document itself, facilitating the access of all employees to the same information, without having to send it to each person separately. The update should arrive in the coming months.


Google Docs also won the new checklist function. With it, users will be able to assign tasks to other people, who will be notified in Google Tasks. The update also includes a new document template for sharing meeting information, enabling a user to forward the minutes of the video call directly to all participants.

In addition, the company has perfected the automatic text correction system, including a warning about words that are considered offensive.


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