Google renewed the classic logo of Gmail


Changing the name of G Suite to Google Workspaces, Google also renewed the now iconic envelope-shaped logo of Gmail. The new logo chosen for Gmail features Google’s primary colors of blue, red, yellow and green. The new Gmail logo, similar to the logo of Google Maps, Google Photos, Chrome and other Google products, no longer shows the envelope very clearly. However, it should be said that the flatness of the letter M reminds one of an envelope.

According to the Fast Company’s report, Google has also considered stopping using the letter M and the color red. However, when the participants in the user research were not satisfied with these changes, a step was taken in this regard. While these studies revealed that the envelope in the Gmail logo is not a critical design element, it has shown that it is not a problem to keep the letter M and use Google’s traditional color palette.

Red is the dominant color in the new Gmail logo. A little bit of yellow and some blue and green hold M’s belts. It is also difficult to distinguish the new Gmail logo from the logos of other Google services. In addition to Google Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Meet and Sheets apps also had their logos renewed.

New logo designs prepared for Gmail and other services have emerged with the announcement that the name of G Suite has been changed to Google Workspace. Aiming to unite Gmail, Chat and Documents at a central point, Google aims to gain competitive advantage with Microsoft Office and especially Outlook.


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