Google Releases Windows 11-Inspired Chrome Design Preview


Google has unveiled Chrome browser design changes on its Canary test channel to fit the new Windows 11 aesthetic, which arrives on October 5th. However, the news is also available to customers on Microsoft’s current system.

The changes are subtle, with the edges of the overlay menu rounded and the shadows cast by the windows being more noticeable. This service change was originally noted by Reddit user LeoPeva64 in the Chrome Gerrit analytics repository on September 28th.

Despite the initial change, the translucent Mica material is not present. The design language, which will be used in the new operating system, brings application themes closer to the user’s background.

The customization and control window in the upper right corner of the interface has undergone the same changes. That said, the new look is not noticeable in elements like the favorites menu and the sharing window.


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