Google Releases Version 2.1 of Android 11 Developer Preview


Google has updated to Android 11’s Developer Preview. In this update, the 5 most common problems were addressed and resolved. You can find out what these problems are from our news.

Google released the Android 11 DP 2.1 update this morning. The main purpose of the update is to solve the problems that users often encounter. The small update released today follows Developer Preview 2, released on March 18th, which is more important. Six major updates are expected to be released before Q3, which will release the generic Android 11, and the update released on March 18 is not one of them. 5 issues are listed in the release notes:

General issues

Correction to the problem of long-term pressure to select an item while browsing recent apps.
Fixed the issue that occurred in the status bar when the background items were not started yet.
Fixed the issue where SystemUI generates too many WindowToken, which results in skipped frames when scrolling and moving apps.

Application issues

Fixed an issue with the Wear OS app that occurred when trying to pair the Wear OS device.
Fix the issue related to the Settings app that appears after tapping the search bar in the Settings app.

Android 11 system images are also available for the Android Emulator with Pixel 2, Pixel 3, Pixel 3a, and Pixel 4 families. DP 2.1 (RPP2.200227.014) is now officially only available to developers and not edited for daily use, but can be downloaded manually. If you need help, you can find the Android 11 guide here.

The general version of Android 11 has not been released yet, so there is not much precise information about its features, but you can learn about these features by reaching our news about the features that have appeared so far.


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