Google Releases Registration That Cuts 50% Of Developer Fees


Google: Developers who publish apps on Google Play can now sign up for the program that will cut 50% of the service fee charged by the search giant starting July 1st. The action, announced by big tech in November 2020 and confirmed in March of this year, applies to those who reach the ceiling of US$ 1 million (approximately R$ 5 million in direct conversion of the day) of earnings in the 12-month period . 15% will be applied on the amount. In the rest, the usual 30%.

Several professionals received an email from the company explaining how everything works. To join the benefit, you must create a group of accounts in Google Play Console, an option already enabled in the management panel and used to link profiles to Associated Developer Accounts (ADAs). This way, the company will verify if the interested person qualifies for this and other promotions based on the associated accounts.

Setting up a payment profile and accepting the terms of service are other necessary steps. Once the process is complete, a banner at the bottom of the page will indicate the promised reduction.

Remember that the validity of the registration starts after the completion of the procedures, which can happen after the start date of the benefits – for example, if the person enters the program on July 3, the year will be counted from that, not retroactively.


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