Google Releases Nostalgic Easter Egg In Reference To DVD Player


Google launched a new easter egg in reference to the DVD Player screen saver. The novelty was discovered by the software engineer, Zouhir, who posted on Twitter on Wednesday (12) teaching Internet users to activate the game.

The screen saver was shown on the old, but very popular, DVD Players, whenever the devices were inactive (or rather, in standby mode). From that moment on, the logo floated across the screen and changed color whenever it reached the edges – animation that was, for many, a session of hypnosis.

How to activate the easter egg?

As shown in the publication above, Google decided to do the same with its browser in reference to this classic from the 90s. To activate the easter egg, it is very simple. The first step is to access the search engine’s website through modern browsers, such as Chrome, Edge and Firefox. Then search for the term “DVD screensaver” in the search bar.

After a few seconds, the Google logo will move from the top left corner and float across the screen, changing color whenever it reaches one end, as in the video above. Share with us if you liked the news in the comments below!


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