Google Releases Chrome OS Flex For Older PCs And Macs


Google: Do you have an older PC or Mac that is slow and struggling to run newer programs? Installing Chrome OS Flex on the device may be the solution to breathe new life into it, taking advantage of the free version of the operating system whose preview was released by Google on Tuesday (15).

Built on the CloudReady platform, acquired by the Mountain View company in 2020, the system delivers an experience similar to that found in Chrome OS on a Chromebook. However, some features of the conventional edition are not present, such as support for Android apps, while others depend on the hardware of the computer used.

“A free and sustainable way to modernize the devices you already own”, as presented by Google, Chrome OS Flex offers advantages such as fast startup and “proactive security”, which are often lacking on outdated machines. Using the Google Admin Console to manage updates remotely is another attraction.

Big tech also highlights benefits such as quick access to web applications and synchronization and ease of management of all PCs on a network (the system is designed for businesses and schools). Installing the software also helps to reduce e-waste by avoiding the disposal of old computers.