Google releases Android 12 for developers


Google released today (18) the first preview of Android 12 for developers. The system can now be downloaded on Pixel line smartphones, which are not officially sold in Brazil, and brings the first large batch of official details about the new version of the software.

Google hasn’t released the new Android 12 user interface, but some preview images and leaks already show what we can expect from the system’s appearance. The company should only reveal the look of the OS in the coming months, perhaps during Google I / O, but has already described some changes that are underway.

The company said it is redesigning the notification system with Android 12. The goal is to deliver a “modern, easy to use and more functional” experience, in addition to improving visuals and animations.

Support for more files

The first preview of Android 12 reveals that the system will have support for more types of files and improvements in navigation by gestures. Google also promises security improvements in the new edition of the OS.

Android 12 will hit the market with support for AVIF image files, a standard that promises to replace JPG in the future, since it brings better compression and photos with less artifacts. The company said, however, that the technology will not be adopted as a standard in the system.

In terms of navigation, the company intends to implement a single gesture for the user to leave apps in full screen, such as video platforms and games. Currently, it is necessary to double-tap the screen to return to the system.

When it comes to security and privacy, Android 12 promises to bring significant improvements that will work behind the scenes of the operating system, including tools to decrease information tracking. The company promises that further improvements will be available in the next OS updates.

Android 12 Developer Preview 1 can currently be downloaded on all Google phones from Pixel 3. If you work with applications and want to know the initial version of the system, visit the Android website for more information.


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