Google Releases 2021 Retrospective; See Most Searched Terms


Google revealed this Wednesday (8) its retrospective with the list of most searched terms on the site in 2021. The already traditional list shows which were the most popular trends of the year in chronological order, in addition to allowing the user to filter by categories , such as Environment, Entertainment, News, Sports and Economy.

In addition to the list, the search giant also released a video bringing together the top 2021 global polls:

World’s Most Popular Searches in 2021

Among the most searched terms globally, research on sports and market stand out. It is noteworthy that the dogecoin currency was among the top five news polls of the year.

Searches of the year

1. Australia vs. India
2. India vs. England
3. IPL
4. NBA
5. Euro 2021


1. Afghanistan
2. AMC Stock (stocks)
3. Vaccine for covid-19
4. Dogecoin
5. GME Stock (shares)


1. Alec Baldwin
2. Kyle Rittenhouse
3. Christian Eriksen
4. Tiger Woods
5. Simone Biles