Google Reinforces Use Of Inactive Account Manager for Security


Google: This Tuesday (5), Google published on its security blog the importance of the inactive account manager for monitoring and strengthening the security of profiles that are no longer used.

In addition to a brief guide to using the tool, the company points out that the recent ransomware attack on Colonial Pipeline was carried out using an old account that did not use multi-factor authentication and that the cyber attack on T-Mobile also affected inactive accounts prepaid, so simply ignoring stale registrations can be a security risk.

Inactive Account Manager

Through this tool, it is possible to define when Google will start to identify the registered account as inactive and explain what should be done with the information; it can be accessed via this link or in the account settings in the “Data and privacy” submenu.

After deciding to use this option, Google will require three settings. First, the user chooses a period of downtime for the security measure to take effect. It is possible to set 3, 6, 12 or 18 months.


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