Google Refreshes Search Results Page For Mobile Users


Sharing a statement on its official blog, Google announced that it will update the search results page in the mobile version for a better user experience. With the update, we will see a more “white” search results page and larger and bold letters.

Google, the world’s most popular search engine, announced that it will receive a design update that will improve the user experience of the search results page in the mobile version in the coming days with an announcement on its official blog.

According to the information provided by Google, the search results page does not go for a major design innovation that will recreate the “Google experience”. However, there are some minor design improvements in order for users to access the information they are looking for faster and to read the texts more easily.

Google will list search results in larger and bolder letters

The first thing that attracts attention on Google’s new search results page is that the search results will be expressed in larger and bold letters. Also Google; He states that Google’s own font “Googley”, which is frequently used in Gmail and Android, will now be used more on the search results page.

Google has taken care of the design details of the search results page as well, and with the update, we will see less “shadow” in the search results. Google says its purpose in reducing ghosting is to provide a cleaner look so users can focus on search results.

Google states that the new search results page will be available to users in the coming days. To be honest, the update focuses on too many details to be noticed by many users. However, Google is pretty confident that the update will improve user experience.

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