‘Google Reader’: Chrome Tests Option to Follow Sites on Android


Google Reader died in 2013 and left many users orphaned from an RSS feed service, but Android may gain a similar function soon. According to The Verge, Google is testing a tool to follow websites on Chrome.

The novelty appears when the user accesses the Chrome options for Android when browsing a website. The browser on these pages will display a follow button at the bottom of the configuration page.

Posts from websites in a row should appear on the Chrome homepage. In addition to bringing indications selected by Google, the browser will have a page called “Following”, which will include publications selected by the user.

Currently, however, the tool is still in limited testing. According to The Verge, Google has released the function of following websites only in the United States and only a small group of users has gained access to the novelty.

Modernizing RSS

Like the old Google Reader, the new feature is based on RSS technology, which is an open standard and widely used on the web. Although the novelty is still being tested, the web giant seems committed to the function of following websites.

Paul Bakaus, one of those responsible for the content creator industry at Google, said the goal of the new role is to modernize RSS. “We heard loud and clear: discovery and distribution on the open web is missing and RSS has not been friendly to the ‘mainstream consumer’,” explained the company official.

Even with its commitment to the novelty, the company did not comment on the future of the tool of following websites. Therefore, it is not yet clear whether the function will arrive in the future for the desktop version of Google Chrome.


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