Google Publishes Its Site For Coronary Virus


Google has released its site, which it announced recently has developed and contains information and resources about the coronavirus outbreak. The site currently caters to US users, but content in other countries and languages ​​will soon be on the site.

The IT and technology giants are also putting their weight in the fight against the new deadly coronavirus (COVID-19), which has spread around the world after it emerged in Wuhan, China. The coronavirus website, announced by Google before, has been launched.

The website, consisting of information and resources to understand the coronavirus outbreak, seems to currently serve US visitors. However, it is stated that in the near future, content from different countries and languages ​​will start to be published. The first step in this regard will be the Spanish content.

The site contains information and useful links about coronavirus
Information about the disease on Google’s site, the World Health Organization’s advisory materials about health and the public health departments of each American state, safety tips, data on the spread of coronavirus worldwide, ideas on good life and home work, and the United Nations Foundation’s There is a donation section to support the COVID-19 Solidarity Intervention Fund that it has set up for the World Health Organization.

Google also displays revised information to show search results about the outbreak, and shows links to urban organizations and health institutions’ Twitter accounts.

US President Donald Trump said last week that Google created a website that shows where people in the U.S. can test for coronavirus. It was Verily, the subsidiary of Alphabet, not Google, who created this site, and only serves people residing in some counties in the state of California.

The total number of coronavirus cases confirmed in the USA as of March 21, 19,774. The number of deaths caused by coronavirus throughout the country is 275. It is stated that the situation in the USA may be worse than Italy if effective measures are not taken immediately.

Besides Google’s coronavirus site, there is also a portal created by WhatsApp. Among the panels developed to monitor the coronavirus epidemic is a site of Microsoft, which is also suitable for mobile.

You can reach Google’s coronavirus site here.


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