Google publishes a guide to help build “quality apps”


Google has published a page with some tips that can be very useful for those looking to develop an application for Android phones. The official website of Android Developers, aimed at the community of application developers for the little robot, now has a session that describes how developers can create a “high quality app” for the platform.

On the page, the Mountain View company separates support materials on some topics: Visual Experience, Functionality, Performance and Stability, Privacy and Security and Google Play. Each of them contains checklists for the developer to check the quality points of his application.

In the Visual Experience section, Gigante das Buscas recommends the use of Material Design components in the application’s user interface, in addition to suggesting that the app supports dark mode and gesture controls.

In Functionality, the user can find several recommendations with regard to how the app handles media files. The company suggests, for example, the use of the HEVC compression standard for video encoding, in addition to support for Picture-in-Picture mode. Google also points out that developers need to use Android Sharesheet to allow sharing of content.

For a better experience, the app creator also needs to reduce background running as much as possible and ensure compatibility with Android’s Twelve and App Standby modes. Still on this topic, the company suggests that the developer is already preparing to improve these aspects even further in future versions of Android.

Google even offers tips on how the developer can test and reduce application load times. In the Performance and Stability session, the Mountain View company recommends the Android Vitals tool, which also serves to diagnose and correct any Android Not Responding (ANR) errors.


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