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Google has released OpenSK, its new open source 2FA service. OpenSK, which has a physical product as well as a software system, seems to increase the security of users by one click. OpenSK is currently not available for purchase, but the information on Github sheds light on how 2FA works.

One of the most popular cyber security measures of today is the secondary additional security measure called 2FA. Users have a second coded security system in addition to their passwords via 2FA, and they enter the 2FA codes that usually change within seconds after any login. In this way, hackers are getting a little more difficult.

In fact, 2FA is one of the issues discussed at the moment. Because in a news article we shared with you last month, we mentioned that Chinese hackers were able to disable 2FA. However, there is currently no security measure that is as common as 2FA and can be an alternative to it.

2FA systems have not been publicly available to date. Consumers and software developers who wanted to understand how this system works could not access technical data. However, the open source OpenSK created by Google seems to be a great resource for many software developers in the future.

OpenSK is not just software. Because the Google team allows the use of OpenSK through a small physical piece, as you can see above. Let’s say you have activated the 2FA system for a website. After you enter your password, you plug the socket above the photo into your computer via USB connection and press a small button on the device. In this way, the 2FA system is automatically activated and you are logged in to the site.

Consumers currently cannot have OpenSK. However, Google has added OpenSK’s code to Github, a Microsoft-owned resource for software developers. The data on Github helps you understand how 2FA works. Google believes that with the open source OpenSK, both the 2FA system can be improved and security will be at the highest level with a physical product.

OpenSK promotional video


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