Google proposes a historic change in Android


A new line of code in the Google Camera API Behavior section proposes a landmark change on Android: compelling manufacturers to respect skin tone, texture, and face shape, at least when taking the Photography. The change is more relevant than it may seem at first glance. We talk about forcing to change the way of processing images of a large part of Android mobiles.

So we are going to tell you how this line of code has been discovered, what its implications are exactly and the possible challenges it faces, because of what “made the law, made the trap”, as we are going to explain.

Google wants to end the modifications on the faces when taking photos

From this house, throughout our multiple analyzes, surely you have read us complaints about an infinity of mobiles that do not respect the skin tone or appearance of the same. Removing blemishes and making the skin as clear as possible is an obsession inherited from Asian culture that multiple cameras have implemented. Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi or Oppo are some examples of mobiles that, when it comes to photographing anyone, modify their tone and appearance.

Mishaal Rahman, one of the XDA Developers members, has come across a new line in section 7.5.4, regarding the behavior of the camera API. In this change it is reported that manufacturers must ensure that the “face appearance” is not altered, including altering their skin geometry, tone, or smoothing here.

For any Android. hardware.camera2.CameraDevice or Android hardware. Camera API MUST ensure that facial appearance is NOT altered including altering facial geometry, facial skin tone, or smoothing of facial skin

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As we have commented, it is very common for manufacturers to soften the skin and try to change the tone of it to make it paler. In fact, we have a curious case in the Android competition and it helps us to see the problem it involves. At the launch of the iPhone XS and XR, Apple reduced the image noise so much that the skin was completely softened. In the face of the barrage of complaints, the problem was fixed after an update.


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