Google project to fund organizations created by women


Google announced on Monday (8) a series of impact programs and incentives aimed at diversity in the workplace to increase the participation of women in the company environment.

The “ Impact Challenge for Women and Girls” was unveiled on this International Women’s Day and will allocate US $ 25 million to finance non-profit and philanthropic projects that focus on women’s empowerment.

Each initiative can receive up to $ 2 million and “additional support” from Google. Applications are made through the company’s website and run until April 9th ​​- check here the rules and the registration form.

In search of impact

According to, the main objective of the project is to help organizations capable of “transforming their economic potential into power”, involving topics such as entrepreneurship, education, financial independence and academic or market research.

Projects supported in previous years include Fundación Mujeres, which fights for better opportunities in the labor market, and the National Domestic Workers Alliance, on inclusion and protection for domestic workers in the United States.


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