Google Preparing to Unplug Messaging App Hangouts


In a blog post, Google announced that the messaging service called Hangouts will be unplugged. It is not known how the process will start as of 2021, but users will use Google Meet and Google Chat at the end of the process.

In a recent news we shared with you, we mentioned that Google has changed the name of its corporate service named G Suite. The new services called Google Workspace, a new feature that the community will bring to our lives, appeared in a post prepared by Google. According to the company’s statements, Google Hangouts, which has been in our lives for years, will be put on the dusty shelves of history in 2021.

In fact, it has been known for a while that Google Hangouts will be removed. Already, the company made Hangouts unnecessary with its service called Google Meet. The latest statements are an indication that Google Workspace users will not need this application. Google says it will use the new messaging service called Google Chat instead of Hangouts.

According to Google’s blog post, the company will make Google Chat, which is offered in the Google Workspace infrastructure, into the main chat application in 2021. Also, users will not do anything for the transition during this process. Google engineers will begin to transfer the data contained in the Hangouts application to Google Chat. However, the company has not made a clear date for when Hangouts will disappear completely. In other words, it is not known how the next process will take shape.

Google has come across consumers with messaging applications several times over the years. Consequently, many users did not know which chat application to use by Google. Google is apparently aware of this situation too. With the last step taken by the company, another messaging application will be history. In this way, users will be provided with services through Google Meet and Google Chat.

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By the way, you may not be able to fully understand the differences between Google Meet and Google Chat. To briefly touch on this issue, it is necessary to consider Google Chat as an extension of Google Meet. While Google Meet is a messaging service that covers all users, Google Chat has a structure to be used mostly in workplaces. This service of Google will appear as an alternative to workplace-oriented applications such as Slack and Zoom.

Regardless, it should be reminded that Google Hangouts is a bone user base. Google Hangouts, which has a very easy-to-use structure, facilitated the work of consumers who use this application in personal or business life. Moreover, this application was tightly integrated with other services of Google. Now, instead of this service, Google Chat and Google Meet will be used. Let’s just say, the time that gets used to the absence of Windows XP and Windows 7 and scraping Messenger will somehow get used to the absence of Google Hangouts.


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