Google prepares to increase TikTok competition


TikTok, which became famous all over the world and reached millions of users in a short time, was banned by some governments. Google Discover will publish videos of TikTok-like applications.

Google to increase TikTok competition with Short Videos

TikTok has been on the agenda with a data leak scandal in the past weeks. Some security researchers claimed that 34 Chinese-origin applications, including TikTok, leaked data from smartphones.

Shortly after the Indian government banned all of these practices, the US Senate approved the bill on the ban. Technology giants who want to turn this situation into an advantage have started to announce their TikTok competitor features one by one.

First, Instagram appeared with the Reels feature. TikTok started publishing short videos of its competitors in the Short Videos tab in the Google application available to Android users.

Featured with YouTube videos, match scores and weather, Google Discover is visited by hundreds of millions of users every month. Many applications will grow faster thanks to the new feature that highlights TikTok’s Indian rival Trell and the Google Area 120 project Tangi videos.

You will be able to discover more fun videos thanks to the new feature that allows you to hide the contents in the tab called Short Videos. It is not yet clear which content the company publishes. In addition, some analysts claimed that the YouTube team is working on a TikTok-like system called Shorts.

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