Google Prepares for $ 300 Billion Crypto Money Case Against Facebook and Twitter


Google Prepares for $ 300 Billion Crypto Money Case Against Facebook and Twitter. Two cryptocurrency backers are preparing to file a massive $ 300 billion mass action against giant names like Google, Facebook and Twitter.

Two years ago, Google, Facebook and Twitter executives decided to ban all kinds of crypto advertising on the platform in 2018 . The reason these giant companies made such a decision was to prevent various crypto money frauds.

Crypto money supporters were not very pleased with this decision made by Google, Facebook and Twitter trio. Because this advertising ban has started to affect crypto companies that do nothing illegal. Google and Facebook then announced that they would abandon the all- prohibition decision and take crypto money ads and eliminate ads that violate the rules.

Although giants like Google and Facebook revised their first ban decision over time, there were many companies that were negatively affected by this process . Crypto money entrepreneurs who came together under the leadership of JPB Liberty; They say that they could not grow their companies because of the prohibition of Google and Facebook’s timely advertisement and this caused serious financial damage.

They’re One Step Closer

Crypto entrepreneurs who are affected by this ban on advertising on Google, Facebook and Twitter are actually trying to sue these companies for a long time. However, there was no progress in this process for a long time. Now this is starting to change.

According to the Daily Mail report, entrepreneurs who were adversely affected by the ban on advertising on Google, Facebook and Twitter and trying to eliminate their losses are one step closer to suing these giants . A new lawyer has been appointed to investigate the allegations of these entrepreneurs. If this review concludes positively and the lawsuit is filed , we can see a huge $ 600 million and then $ 300 billion lawsuit against Google, Facebook and Twitter .

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