Google Podcasts arrives on iOS with major update


The Google Podcasts app, the web giant’s primary solution for the growing audio software market, has received a major update. In addition, the platform also reached iOS, ensuring more competition for Apple’s native solution.

While the previous version of Google Podcasts brought basic elements for users to listen to their favorite podcasts, the new edition of the app is more focused on discovering new content. The platform is now divided into three parts: Home, Explore and Activities.

The Home page features a feed with new episodes and also podcasts that are followed by the user. The Explore tab has suggestions made based on the user’s tastes, in addition to programs selected by Google’s curatorship. Finally, the Activity section encompasses all user behavior in the application, including a broad history of episodes heard.

The novelty should boost Google’s solution in the podcast market, especially on Android. The app was launched by the company in 2018, but ended up losing space to competitors like Spotify because of its simplicity.

In addition to the difficulty of getting on Android, the trend is that the app also suffers to gain public on iOS. After all, the operating system’s own solution dominates the growing podcast market, which is expected to yield $ 1 billion by 2021 in the United States. According to a study by the Anchor platform published in 2018, Apple Podcasts was the place where 52% of all media listeners consumed their favorite shows.

Google Podcasts can now be downloaded from the App Store via iOS devices. The new app interface will be released over the next few days for all users of the Android edition. Remember that the service can also be used in its web version directly in the browser.


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