Google Play Store’s Website Is Changing: Here Are The First Screenshots From The New Design


Google Play Store: The web design of Google Play Store has been renewed. The new design offered to users in Taiwan has a much more modern and interactive structure compared to the old one. It is not yet known when the new design will be available worldwide. US-based technology giant Google has changed the web version design of the Play Store, the app store it created for the Android ecosystem. The new design, which is currently only available to users in Taiwan, seems to be available all over the world in the near future. So what does the new design of the Google Play Store promise to users?

The web version of the Google Play Store has been used with material design language for years. In this process, the engineers did not touch the web version of the store in the slightest. Already when you enter the site of the Google Play Store, you will see that the design is far from modern. This situation has completely changed in the new version made available in Taiwan. The new version of Google Play Store has a very modern and interactive structure.

This is what the brand new design of the Google Play Store looks like

The renewed Google Play Store offers users a visually enriched experience. Users can now view videos created for applications on the homepage. In addition, the category section, which was on the left in the current design, is now at the top. Users will now make their device preference with games, applications, movies and books from this section. This makes it even easier to search for an app for a smartwatch or tablet.

Listing pages of applications are also more modern now. When an application’s page in the Google Play Store is entered, there is information about the game at the top, screenshots and other details at the bottom. It seems that the engineers, who created a drop-down menu to reach the developer, will offer a more comfortable use for the user.