Google Play Store is full of fake Emergency Aid apps


Google Play Store: Who will receive the Emergency Aid must stay connected when downloading the application to redeem the benefit. According to security expert Fabio Assolini, from Kaspersky, the Android Play Store is full of fake and malicious apps involving payment.

In a post made on Twitter, Assolini shows that a simple search in the Google app store results in several fake applications with the name “Emergency Aid”. While some programs do not ask for user data, others ask for information such as the PIS number.

The vast majority of fake apps aim to show unwanted advertisements on the smartphone. In addition to full-screen ads, the programs also send various notifications to the device. According to Assolini, alerts are sent every 10 minutes by certain apps, which do not even display advertisements related to Emergency Aid.

Kaspersky’s security specialist also points out that the creators of fake apps can turn programs into a scam machine easily. “Just drop an update and make the app ask for personal data,” he explains.

Where to accompany Emergency Aid?

The Federal Government is already releasing Emergency Aid in 2021 and you can check the full schedule here. All procedures for consulting and receiving the benefit are carried out on Caixa platforms.

You can consult your benefit online at or The application used for distributing Emergency Aid money is Caixa Tem, which can be downloaded for free from the Play Store and App Store.


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