Google Play Store compares for you install on your mobile


Finding an application in the Google Play Store is not complicated. You just have to look for the type of software you want and choose between the different options offered by the store. Some of them are even old acquaintances that you have on your computer, which provides a plus when downloading. But if you are not clear about the software you want to download, the new function from the Google Play Store will help you.

The Google Play Store comparator arrives

It is a reality that before buying a product you look for the best option for you. You look for opinions, comparisons, analysis and everything to be sure that it is the article that fits what you are looking for. This is something that also happens with applications, where you need to take a look not only at the comments, but also at the ratings and if it has better functions than other rivals. Doing so is as simple as using the filters in the store you visit, but Mountain View will soon see an improvement in this regard.

It turns out that Google is testing an app comparer within the definitions of each one. According to what Android Police has, this function is in the testing phase and puts in each application a list with the rest of the applications similar to the one you see. But it does it in a much more analytical way, taking into account different values ​​that make a good app depending on the type. Following the example of VLC player, the evaluation takes into account a level of ease of use, the type of controls it has, the maximum quality it has in its reproduction.

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This is one example from the wide world of applications where you can explore. We will see how the American firm develops this function that we will see in the not too distant future, at least scheduled for the arrival of version 22.4.28 of the application. If it did not arrive then we would have to wait a little longer and until then you will have no choice but to spend your time manually taking a look at each and every one of the applications that are so similar in the store, unless be one of those who see the most valued and install it at once.


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