Google Play Now Accepts Debit Card Purchases


Google Play now accepts debit card purchases. According to the company, with the new function will be possible to reach a larger audience in the country for the use of digital wallet application.

Google launched on Monday, 14, a debit card payment function in Brazil for use on Google Pay, the company’s digital wallet application. The goal is to increase the use of smartphones with Android system as a means of payment.

This makes it possible to shop online at partner sites or applications that integrate with the company’s platform. At this early stage, the Google Play debit function has been released to Banco do Brasil, Bradesco customers for Visa, MasterCard and Elo branded cards. Partner apps like iFood,, Urban Fish, Rappi, Grin and Yellow also accept payment in this format.

João Felix, responsible for Google Pay in Latin America, said Brazil has 60 million debit card holders, while credit card holders total 50 million. By enabling debit card payments, Google increases your target market.

Google will not charge card retailers, issuers, or processors for the use of its debit payment platform. Felix said the company’s goal is to increase the use of the Android smartphone for various services.

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