Google Play Music to be discontinued


Google Play Music will be discontinued in October and replaced with YouTube Music. With the decision, users of the app or service via the web will no longer be able to access it to stream, purchase music or even download content already purchased.

The end of the platform is nothing new, since since May Google has been offering a tool that facilitates the migration of content from Google Play Music to YouTube Music. However, the termination schedule was only announced last Tuesday (4). In addition to this measure, Google will remove the music tab from the Play Store, which means that users will have to turn to other platforms to buy the songs they want to hear.

Shutting down the service and closing the application will occur in phases. In September, South Africa and New Zealand will lose access to Play Music’s streaming functionality. The other countries, including Brazil, stop using the resource in October. Anyone who wants to download their data and music purchased in streaming will have until December to do so.

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The question of data preservation is important not only for those who purchased music through the service, but also for those who used the Google Play Music upload functionality. Music purchased elsewhere, but sent to the service to allow streaming on other devices, must also be copied by December. After that period, the data will be inaccessible and will be permanently deleted by Google.

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