Google Play can release movies for free, but with ads

Google may start offering movies for free soon in the Play Movies app, for users who are willing to watch ads while watching productions. The possibility was raised by XDA, which discovered the novelty in the v4.18.37 beta version of the Android app.

According to the publication, the source code of the new version of Google Play Movies brings sequences of messages that suggest making movies available for free to users of the service, by viewing the advertisements shown on the platform, possibly similarly to what happens on YouTube .

One of the code strings alludes to “hundreds of films, just a few ads”, suggesting that at least part of the platform’s catalog could be released in this new format. But it was not clear whether the novelty would cover the entire service library, including launches, or just certain titles, such as the oldest, for example.

In other parts of the analyzed segment there are codes such as “watch free with ads” and “free with ads”, which in free translation into Portuguese mean “watch free with ads” and “free with ads”, respectively.

How it currently works
Available for Android, iOS and smart TVs, the Google Play Movies app works as a kind of virtual video store, in which the user pays a fee to watch the chosen title during a certain period, which can be a movie or series. There is also the option to buy the production to watch whenever you want, on your cell phone, tablet or smart TV, without any time limit.

If the possibility of showing films for free with ads is really implemented by Google, which is not yet predicted to happen, it could mean a major change in the format of Play Movies. With that, the platform would become a competitor of Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney +, among other streaming services.

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