Google Play allows application sharing between Androids


The Play Store is launching a new feature that lets you share apps, contacts and system updates with nearby Android devices. To take advantage of the functionality, you must be on version 24.0 or later of the Google Play Store.

To start using Proximity Sharing, open the Google Play Store, tap the three-line menu button in the top corner and click on “My apps and games”. On this page, select the “Share” option. You will need to allow your device to “Send” or “Receive” a specific app from the Play Store. Regardless of which option you choose, you’ll need to provide the Play Store with access to your location, which is used to determine which devices are nearby for sharing.

If the “Share” tab does not appear, wait a few more minutes and restart the application. Thus, a list of applications that can be shared will appear – paid apps or those that are not publicly available on the Play Store do not enter the list.

After choosing the application, you need to search for the receiving device. He will receive a pairing request, where both will receive a code to ensure that no one has “stolen” his session.

When the download is complete, the recipient will need to press the “Install” button for each application or press “Install all” before enjoying the new apps. Until the sender or recipient touches the “Disconnect” button, the two devices will still be connected.


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