Google Plans To Use Fuchsia OS On More Smart Devices


Google’s announcement of a job opening for a Software Engineer may have revealed the company’s upcoming plans for Fuchsia. In development for about five years, the operating system was released for the Nest Hub recently, but it shouldn’t be long before it appears on other devices.

As 9to5 Google reported on Friday (8), the vacancy announced by the Mountain View company indicates that Fuchsia OS will be “expanded to additional smart devices and other formats”. It is precisely for this work that the new professionals are being hired.

“Although Fuchsia’s first uses are smart displays, we are working on expanding to additional formats and use cases. The Fuchsia Devices team is responsible for ensuring that we can successfully apply the Fuchsia platform to real-world products that make a difference for Google and our users,” says the job advertisement.

There is still no information on which gadgets would receive the system in this expansion, but the site points out that the next generation of the brand’s smart monitors will likely come with the software. It is also speculated that it will be used in smart speakers.


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