Google plans to unite Meet and Duo under one roof


The fact that Google has shut down many communication services and apps now makes it pointless to even joke about it. After the company announced a new platform, it is immediately wondered what the old one will be. The internet giant is also starting to prepare to bury its old service, usually within a few months. This dynamic seems to work in the relationship between Google Meet and Duo.

According to the news on 9to5Google site, the end of the road for Google Duo is approaching. Duo was launched with the messaging application Allo in 2016. Although Allo’s journey was short, Duo’s adventure continued. The app was also updated with new features such as support for group calls. In fact, the capacity in these negotiations has recently been increased.

G Suite chief Javier Soltero, who was appointed as head of consumer communications services by Google last May, is said to not support the coexistence of Duo and Meet. For this reason, it is stated that Meet will be the only communication service of Google and will serve both individual and corporate users.

It is stated that the studies on this subject within the company are carried out under the code name “Duet”. It is also said that this development created a great surprise effect on the Duo team.

It is currently unclear when the Google Duo and Meet merger will be completed and when the Duo will be unplugged. However, this change is said to take two years. In this process, it is planned to add features such as end-to-end encryption, 3D effects and call initiation via phone number to Meet.

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