Google Pixel phones will be able to measure heart rate


Technology giant Google has introduced a new feature to Pixel smartphone users. The innovation offered through the Google Fit app has brought the ability to measure heart rate and respiratory rate in phones. In a statement made by Google, it was stated that both features will come to all Android phones, regardless of brand, very soon.

Important update to Google Pixel phones

Thanks to Google’s new feature, Pixel phones can change your heart rate from the color change of the blood at your fingertips; It can also measure your respiratory rate from the rising and falling movements in your chest. To measure your heart rate, tap the “heart rate” icon in the Google Fit app and give all the requested permissions. Then press your finger lightly on the camera lens on the back. Your phone will detect your heart rate from the tip of your finger and measure your heart rate by doing so.

To measure your breathing rate, first place your phone on a stable surface and sit down. Remove items such as masks and hats, if any Then position your phone’s front camera facing your head and chest. At this stage, Google Fit will start measuring your breathing rate by tracking your chest movements.

Google shared a step-by-step video for users who are confused and do not know how to use the feature:

Every data you measure will be saved in the Google Fit app. In this way, you will be able to follow your health status regularly. When faced with anxious data, you will be able to take the necessary measures early.

Google announced that the heart rate and respiratory rate data saved in the Fit app are not uploaded to their own servers. It also added that the data is not stored in the device’s local memory.


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