Google Pixel 6 Can Bring Great Visual Change, Indicate Images


Google Pixel 6: Leak specialist Jon Prosser published images showing the possible design of the Pixel 6 and its bigger brother, which should be called Pixel 6 Pro.

The differences are drastic, especially on the back of the phone. The Pixel 6 can bring a rectangular grid of cameras, which includes three image capture modules and an LED flash.

The renderings show that the image system will also be considerably protruding. In addition, the upper part of the device (above the cameras) will have a different color than the rest of the rear.

The front of the phone is also expected to undergo changes, according to the images shared by Prosser. Unlike previous models, the Pixel 6 should have a hole centered at the top of the screen, which will hold the front camera.

After the images were published, another leak specialist also commented on the subject. Max Weinbach, from the WinFuture website, said on Twitter that the new design of the Pixel 6 is true, but the colors are not yet confirmed.

Pixel Watch

In addition to revealing images from the Pixel 6, Prosser also published renderings showing the supposed Pixel Watch. The smart watch should be launched by Google in the second half with WearOS system.

The clock appears in the leak with a round screen, similar to the images that leaked previously. Weinbach also confirmed that the design of the device is real.

So far, however, Google has not commented on the matter. The company is famous for not being able to keep a secret, but the tendency is that the devices will only officially appear in the second half of the year. Therefore, it may be that the firm will make changes to the devices over the next few months.


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