Google Pixel 5’s Disappointing DXOMARK Score


DXOMARK announced the camera score of Google’s newest flagship Pixel 5. The Pixel 5 was pretty low on the list, especially due to the lack of a telephoto camera.

DXOMARK, which examines the rear cameras, selfie cameras, sound systems and screens of smartphones, announced the rear camera score of Pixel 5, Google’s newest smartphone. The Pixel family, which entered the list in the top 5 in the past years, barely entered the top 15 this time.

DXOMARK has given Google’s new flagship Pixel 5 120 overall points. Although the device gets a fair score of 129 for the overall photo performance, it does not have a telephoto camera, so it only gets 49 points in the zoom category. Pixel 5’s video performance score was announced as 107.

The lack of a telephoto camera in a flagship phone is a big ‘minus’ in terms of camera performance, as even entry-level phones nowadays have multi-camera setups. For this reason, the zoom score of 81 in Pixel 4 drops to 49 in Pixel 5.

However, DXOMARK states that Pixel 5 is very successful especially in exposure, color accuracy and auto focus points. While Google is doing a pretty good job of removing image distortions with the Pixel 5, there is noticeable noise when it comes to zooming.

According to DXOMARK, the Pixel 5 does a pretty good job of autofocus when shooting video, and it focuses objects quickly even when recording 4K UHD video. With all this camera performance, Pixel ranks 15th in the DXOMARK ranking, just below the Mate 30 Pro and just above the Redmi K30 Pro.

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