Google Pixel 4a’s Render Images Revealed


Google Pixel 4a’s Render Images Revealed. Google’s expected second budget-friendly phone Pixel 4a’s allegedly belonging to the renderings appeared. The device has a perforated screen design with a rectangular camera installation.

With little time left to end 2019, the potential for Google’s expected Pixel 4a has emerged. CAD-based rendering enabled us to see how Google’s second budget-friendly phone would look much more vivid.

Of course, let’s not go without warning before moving on to the footage. There may be differences between the design of the render below and the device on the market. So instead of interpreting the following designs as ‘the device will be like this’, you can interpret it as ecek it will look like this ’.

Google Pixel 4a is very similar to Pixel 4:

As expected in last year’s design, Pixel 4a is very close to Google’s standard Pixel 4 design. There is a rectangular camera installation in the upper left corner. But the images in the rendering show only one sensor on the phone. Pixel 4 had two sensors. Of course, the fact that Pixel 4a will be the budget phone can explain why.

Other details of the rendering include the fingerprint sensor on the back of the phone. However, the 3.5 mm headphone jack, which pleases the phone users, is also in Pixel 4a. The speakers are located on the bottom, while the two speakers have a USB-C port.

The device will come with a perforated screen design:

The biggest difference of Google Pixel 4a from Pixel 3a is on the screen. Unlike Pixel 3a, the Pixel 4a features a very thin border around the screen. The front camera is located in the hole on the screen. The dimensions of the device can be measured as 144.2 mm x 69.5 mm x 8.2 mm.

Google had previously scored quite well with DxOMark with its Pixel 4 audio performance. The camera was also more than satisfied with the camera. Let’s see if the company’s expected phone, Pixel 4a, can be as successful as the Pixel 4 in its class. Pixel 4’s DxOMark sound score is available here.

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