Google Pixel 4A vs 3A: features and differences


Now that we know the characteristics of the 4A, it’s time to take a look at the past, when the previous device was king and compare it with the new device. So if you are thinking about whether or not the new Google device is worth it, we present this comparison between the Pixel 4A vs 3A.

A very similar exterior

We are facing two phones of the same brand and that hardly present changes in the external section. The differences between the Pixel 4A vs 3A are tiny if we focus on the screen, which grows slightly from 5.6 to 5.8 inches. The front camera is in the same place and shows the same megapixels in both cases, although in the case of the 4A it is integrated into the screen, while the 3A keeps it in the frame. At the back we find an aesthetic difference and it is the camera module. In this case there is a square space inherited from the Pixel 4 in the 4A, while the 3A leaves the sensor ‘bare’.

Yes, those of Mountain View are those who think that much does not mean better and demonstrate it by betting on a single camera and a large AI behind. The 12.2 MPX continues in this ‘small’ model of the Pixel family, which also defends itself well in any circumstance. Now, will there be any changes inside both devices?

Changes in the interior of the Pixel 4A vs 3A

There may not be much new in the external section, but now it is time to examine the components of both devices. We have two different processors to know: Snapdragon 730G on the Pixel 4A and Snapdragon 670 on the 3A. The truth is that today we still see mid-range smartphones with the second but the difference in efficiency and power is noticeable.

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Where there are also changes is in the battery, although very slight if we consider that it only increases by 140 mH to the 4A battery. In terms of connectivity and other features, we find practically the same with Bluetooth, gyroscope, accelerometer, GPS and NFC.

A single terminal, a single price

And we come to the critical moment of this comparison between the Google Pixel 4A and the Pixel 3A. Outbound, Google has presented a single device this time, while with the Pixel 3A there was an XL model that only had more battery and a larger screen. As for the price, and comparing the standard devices, we have the 389 euros of the Pixel 4A compared to the 399 euros of departure that the 3A had.


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