Google Pixel 4a to be unveiled on August 3


Google confirmed the release date of the next smartphone manufactured by the company. The long-awaited Pixel 4a will be presented on August 3, 2020.

The information was released by the company itself through a special page in the online store. When solving a puzzle involving the classic Latin fake text used to fill the space “Lorem ipsum”, you get the invitation to accompany the ad.

In coded form, the text also mentions a long battery life and highlights the camera, without providing details of the technical specifications.

The Pixel 4a should have been introduced a few months ago, but ended up being postponed by the company not only due to the covid-19 pandemic. Even due to the delay, the model has already leaked in all possible ways, from a hands-on made by a youtuber to official photos on the manufacturer’s own website.

It is worth remembering that, at least in this generation, the model will not have an “XL” version, but it can win a variant with 5G. Google Pixel 5 is expected in 2020.

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