Google Pixel 2XL Viewed When Running Android 11 R

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Although it has not been over Android 10, which was launched in September of last year, various leaks related to the new operating system Android 11 have started to come. A smartphone model was viewed while running Android 11.

The Android operating system, developed and released by Google, comes out with new versions every year and offers new features to users in these versions. With the latest Android version Android 10 released in September of last year, many innovations such as system-based dark mode and new motion navigation movements came to smartphones. Although there are many devices that have the Android 10 operating system, there are still phones that haven’t received the new version of Android 10 even though it came out in 2018 and 2019.

Although it may be considered newer, devices that do not have the Android 10 operating system are on the market, but the new Android version has started to appear. Android 11 R, which will be the new Android version, was displayed running on a rather old smartphone model. It was seen that Google Pixel 2XL, which was released about 3 years ago and one of the best phones of that time, was running the Android 11 R operating system.

There is an estimated two months for the preview release of Android 11 R.
The first question that came to mind was how a three-year-old phone ran this operating system, even though it was only two months since the developer preview version of the Android 11 R operating system was released. The developer preview version of Android 10, released last year, was released in March. Likewise, the developer preview version of the previous operating system Android 9 Pie was made available in March 2018.

According to estimates, this image published on the internet is said to be an early GSI (Generic System Image) for Android 11 R. GSI is the purest version of the Android operating system and is usually released for developers. In this way, developers can upgrade their devices to the new version of Android and produce apps for this version without the need for any emulator or anything else.

This published image effectively confirms that the Google Pixel 2XL model will take the Android 11 operating system. This is probably the last update of the Pixel 2XL, which was released with the Android Oreo operating system and has been updated for three years since its release. There is not much information about other phones that Android 11 will definitely come to.


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