Google Photos Won’t Be Free From June 1, 2021


Google is making a radical change in the Photos application, which offers users free and unlimited storage. Content uploaded by users after June 1, 2021 will be transferred to Google One instead of Photos. As a result, users will only have 15 GB of free storage space.

Photos, one of the popular services of technology giant Google, is going to a radical change. According to the statements made by Google, the free and unlimited photo storage possibility of the Photos service will end on June 1, 2021. Google’s decision to end a cycle was made in order to make Google One popular.

According to the statements made by Google, the contents stored in Photos until June 1, 2021 will remain as they are. So users will continue to keep their existing photos and videos. However, all photos and videos taken on June 1, 2021 and onwards will be transferred to 15 GB of free storage on Google One. If the free storage here also runs out, users will have to increase their Google One plans by paying additional fees.

Pixel phone users will be exempt from the new system

According to the statements made by Google, Pixel brand phone users will not be affected by this system change. According to Google, users who own any phone in the Pixel 1-5 range will continue to benefit from the free storage service of the Photos app.

Google says there will be a similar situation in services such as Drive, Sheets and Slides in the period after June 1, 2021. So, after June 1, 2021, not only photo and video backups, but everything else related to Google will be included in the 15 GB limit. However, Google will warn the user if the limit is approached. In this way, users will be provided with space in storage areas. But it’s 15 GB and if the user doesn’t do anything, Google will delete this data automatically.

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