Google Photos Will Make Searching for Images Easier and More Intuitive


Google Photos: On the eve of becoming a paid service (for storage over 15 GB), Google Photos is testing a tool to make searching for images even easier. To make a service that already works by simply typing what you want more efficient, the application will now have filters.

With the novelty, it will be possible, as soon as you search the images of a certain person, to refine the search, selecting the types of media, such as videos, selfies or screenshots. And, when adding other people to the same search, the application shows images of files that contain all of them.

What changes in Google Photos?

It is worth remembering that the new functionality does not add actions that were not already available in Google Photos. If you type, for example, “photos of me and Juliette in João Pessoa”, the search box will provide the results as today. But, what is now added is an intuitive visual interface that considerably improves the way of displaying the images.

According to the Android Police website, which released these tests yesterday (17), these actions were probably done on the server side, which means that the feature is not yet linked to a specific version of Google Photos. Anyway, anyone who wants to try their luck can update the app on the Play Store.


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